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The Hoshin Group

Leadership and Executive Coaching

If a man would move the world, he must first move himself. -Socrates

Executive Coaching and Consultation

Sometimes executives wish to enter into a traditional personal coaching relationship and sometimes they simply desire a thinking partner, someone with who to create out loud and refine their thinking and who provides constructive challenge and build to their ideas. Executive coaching in many cases does not differ in scope from personal coaching – executives are people, after all. Regardless, our professionals are well equipped to help our executive clients to navigate their waters and the challenges therein from general leadership topics, thought leadership, improving communication, team building, increasing emotional intelligence and overall strategy development. We use a variety of custom tools and assessments to assist our clients in becoming clear about both their opportunities and strengths.

While in executive consultation, we will follow a coach approach supporting the executive’s surfacing his or her own wisdom though will, where appropriate and with permission, engage in sparring, sharing our professional thoughts in order to challenge and build the thinking to achieve its highest potential in the most expeditious timeframe – none of us have time to waste. It is our intention to help our clients to live and work with clear and intentional purpose, greater simplicity and increased balance and satisfaction across both business and personal segments of their lives.

Occasionally we are engaged by a company to work with an executive. In these instances, we take direction and set engagement goals based on input by the company representative though in collaboration with the executive, our coaching client. Any feedback regarding the ongoing conversations and progress will be between the client parties with the coach’s participation, if requested. It is our goal to improve our clients’ ability to communicate clearly, candidly and generously with one another without third party intervention.