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The Hoshin Group

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined. -Henry David Thoreau

Are You Wearing Any Shoes?

Are you treating yourself and your business as the shoemaker whose children had no shoes? Grow your business by broadcasting the benefits of your brand by walking the talk – and wearing some great new shoes!

It’s All About Them–Not YOU!

Keys to Mastering the Initial Sales Meeting to Help You Get More Business. Written with Christine Labate of Designs for Growth (www.DesignsforGrowth.com) and published in Fairfield County Woman magazine, Spring 2010.

My Reinvention

Reinventing oneself requires first knowing what you want to invite in and then creating space for it, all the while believing that your vision is possible.

2020 Vision

Leverage 20/20 Vision to Achieve Your 2020 Vision. What is it that you can do TODAY, that’s going to set you up for success in ten years’ time? Start with the end in mind.

What’s your intention?

Are you living your life intentionally? Do you have a course of action? An aim? Purpose? Those seem to be missing today for many of us. You’re the captain of your ship – chart your course and set sail!